About Medley 

Medley Creations is a UK-based artistic fashion house, focused on creating unique pieces of wearable art, accessories and homeware made from the finest textile materials. 

Our philosophy is to break the convention of seasonal, gender specific, and throwaway trends, by creating high-quality, universal pieces, which truly capture the imagination. The wealth of Medley, like all great artwork, is about evoking emotions unique to each individual.

Our range of products provides the medium to display our style by exploring and transcending our drawings to another dimension. The richness and complexity in each illustration allows us to create our own interpretations within the designs so each piece means something distinctive to the wearer alone.

We are committed to the ethical production of all our pieces. We do not mass-produce, rather we believe in creating limited runs of high quality pieces. Within the UK we print our designs in the ‘silk town’ of Macclesfield after which they are hand finished at our design studio in London. In India our manufacturers are fourth generation textile loomers and printers, who are an integral part of the local communities’ in both the Boonkar region, and the vibrant and beautiful city of Kolkata.

From hand drawn designs, to hand woven fabrics, and meticulous personal finishing, each piece, is a testament to the skill and craft of the artisans involved.

At Medley, we are driven by our passion for artistic expression and innovation within fashion and lifestyle. We hope this is evident in all of our collections.

About Kerem Sezer

Kerem is the artistic director and founder of Medley Creations.

Kerem was raised and educated in London, where he currently resides. He gained his degree in International Relations at the University of Leicester then went on to study masters in business management. His varied professional background includes working in the corporate insurance and the health and nutrition sectors. 

A talented and passionate illustrator from a young age, Kerem’s desire to pursue his artistic ambitions led to a complete career change, and on the on the guidance of mentors within both the art and fashion world, he decided that scarves and sarongs would be the ideal canvas to showcase his sophisticated and unique style.

Kerem wanted to move away from conventional patterns, towards artistic compositions, which tell stories that resonate with the wearer; and thus the concept of Medley was born.

The name Medley represents Kerem’s mixed Turkish and British heritage, the wealth of eclectic influences in his designs, and the compositions created from seemingly unrelated drawings, bound together by common themes.

Today Kerem’s focus is on growing Medley into a creative fashion platform, which emphasizes innovation, originality and an innate playfulness with colour and design.