Home Slice Silk-Cotton Sarong

    Home Slice Silk-Cotton Sarong

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      “Precariously perched at the edge of certainty, gazing into the wide blue yonder”

      We can often sit at the precipice of a decision too fearful to take the next step. The invigoration of taking that step is what makes us thrive.
      This versatile piece can be worn as a scarf or a sarong. It's meticulously crafted on a luxurious hand-woven silk and cotton blend fabric. Also available in silk chiffon.

      Fabric: 50% Silk 50% Cotton
      Size: 100cmX200cm
      Colour: Blue, Light Blue, Orange, Black and White
      Finish: Machine Rolled Hem
      Care: Dry Cleaning Recommended

      Designed by K.Sezer
      Ref: MCS-0315