Our Inspirations 

Medley Creations is the expression of the different stages of our lives.  Each design strives to embody the human spirit, whilst embracing the absurdities, the beauty and the chaos that make up the medley of life. Our inspirations are constantly evolving both in terms of our designs and the range of products that we create.

All of our designs start with hand drawn black & white sketches, we do not use any photographic or digital imagery.


The Warrior Series is inspired by fantasy, with its abstract faces, mystical warrior imagery and mythical themes.

The use of bold, bright and sharp mineral colours add to the psychedelic dream like quality of the landscapes and characters.

“In our youth we are drawn to certain ideals, these designs invoke those aspirations of strength, fearlessness, nobility and power.”



The Medley range represents the exhilaration that comes with embracing change and entering a new phase in our lives. This range combines inspirations from the full collection with new ideas and techniques, to create a true stylistic medley of designs.

“Change can sometimes seem a daunting prospect, but it’s when we are fully committed to exploring our creative potential that new and exciting ideas emerge.”


The Bird collection represents our desires to be different, independent, beautiful, and to soar free above the world looking down at all its beauty and ugliness.

The designs are compositions combining different shapes, structures and patterns as well as written text and graffiti”.

“As long as we are doing everything we can in our power to fulfil our aspirations then we are never truly caged.



The Locked On collection expresses a wish to break the shackles of routine and monotony that we sometimes all experience.

This collection is represented by patterns and paradigms with a relatively muted color palette but occasional bursts of vibrant colour.

“The fun and almost cartoon like characters that inhabit this collection represent our inner adolescence that’s rebelling against all the conventions and expectations of the adult world.”